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January 23, 2017
Some Assembly Required
January 23, 2017

The Distance

My life is a trip! One minute I’m cruising at 70mph on wide open spaces, the next there are flashes of orange and yellow warning signs! The highway has ended and I’m detoured to a narrow side road…

Isn’t life like that? Some days I wake up and set my cruise control! I fly down the highway singing at the top of my lungs and before I know it, I can be in a completely different state of mind. Other times, I find my way has been detoured! To arrive safely I have to get quiet, pay attention and slow down!

“Detours” can have many forms. One minute you’re getting a routine mammogram, the next you’re fighting Breast Cancer. One minute you’re about to turn off the TV, the next you’re riveted to the screen watching terrorists attack the nation.

Wham! War is declared! Granted, in the light of the events of 9/11, and the death of my Mom from Breast Cancer, not all wars are equally significant but even small wars can claim casualties.

I have learned regardless of the global significance not to dismiss my wars…have you heard? It’s the little foxes that spoil the vine….

I’d been sick for days and things had piled up.

Note to new moms: There are certain things like bills and housework that are faithful to wait while you nurse a baby, take a needed nap or a bubble bath….but in the priorities of life eventually even they must be tended. I felt better so I decided to tackle the mail.

Mail Mountain had risen to new pinnacles! Heaped with junk mail, flyers, the usual coupons for stuff I don’t need and the early bird Christmas brochures… this looked easy enough. I quickly began sorting and the pile I named “garbage” grew quickly. Yippee! This is not so bad! I figured I’d be done in record speed when I opened an unusual envelope. I’ve learned to open everything because I have found unexpected checks in the mail….those are fun! This one wasn’t…..Poof! There went peace! Wham! Suddenly I was at war!

Yes, right then and there my kitchen became a war zone!

I felt my knees get a bit weak.

I told myself everything was going to be alright. Like good little soldiers, memorized passages of scripture came to full attention. My mind told my heart everything was going to be fine but my mutinous body was arguing the difference! My hands were shaking! My heart began beating faster and my stomach threatened to toss the protein shake I’d had for breakfast.

As it turns out, my body was the only part of me being completely honest!

We’ve all had news like that. News that staggers the mind, or breaks the heart. It’s a sign of life…to care, to feel, both the good and the bad….

In my past, I would have lectured myself…perfect love casts out fear so, “Fear not self!”.

Or, sadly, I would have ignored myself…even dismissed my self! I hate to admit it but I got caught up in a feel good gospel that preached that the body was to be bossed around, and if it spoke up it was to be ignored! And if that didn’t work starve it into submission through fasting….well, you get the picture.

My body spoke. I stopped and listened.

Here’s how I fought for peace and unity between my heart, mind and body….

I made 3 calls.

First call: I called on God. I told Him I was alarmed at the news and although I knew He said all would be well, my body didn’t seem to believe. You see, unfortunately my body had several experiences of things not going well and my body insisted on reminding my heart which put my mind on full alert status! I got honest with God.

Second call: I called my husband. Yes ladies! God first, then your spouse, or your BFF, or ….well you get the picture! He was working but I knew he’d want and need to know. It was reassuring to hear his voiced agreement with what my own mind was telling me. My body held on to breakfast.

Third call: I called a trusted friend…..A threefold cord is not easily broken! I spilled my guts, got real and laid it all on the table. I didn’t worry about loosing my super spiritual statis by admitting I was shaken up and was pretty sure everything would turn out for my good but the war might cost me an arm & a leg….in other words, I bawled my eyes out.

My mind said all is well. My body said no it isn’t!

My body called me to live in the moment and, embrace my humanity.

My body called me to listen to my….self. The truth is, my body knows all too well that things don’t always go well. It remembers wars past, scared skin…war wounds…I have found there is a big distance between faith and unbelief. However; there is a chasm between faith and denial.

As Christians we must listen and trust God to speak to us any way He chooses, whether through our spirit, our mind, our heart, or through the very body that He created in His very own image!

My news revealed a lack of unity between heart and mind, between spirit and body.

I am learning to listen and to be honest when I sense peace, like Elvis, has “Left the building”!

Thankfully…God is there, He will never leave me or forsake me! Truthfully, the news I recieved was upsetting. It still is. I am still going through…there is still a “ways to go”, as we say….but the war is won in my…SELF! I am going the distance with peace. Peace of heart, peace of mind and peace of body! I am going through with other “soldiers”. My Husband and my trusted friends have my back! They are armed and dangerous…we got the scars to prove it. Once the wounds healed we kinda show them off a bit to well, anyone who wants to hear our wars stories! Best of all, I am going through it with the Captain of the host, Jesus Christ, my LORD and my God!

God is in the here and now! And I can face anything because God, God Himself is with me, even in the distance. Like the Carol King song I sang recently at our local fellowship….”You just Call out my name, and you know wherever I am, I’ll come running…..” Just call!  God came to bring you and me, PEACE!

Kathy Norman
Kathy Norman
I enjoy sharing the creativity the Lord has placed inside of me with others. I pray you are truly blessed by what you see, hear, and experience on these pages.