6 Tips for the Season
January 23, 2017

Love Waters

I feel your love wash over me
Chrystal waters set me free
I want more

Your love melts through iron gates
Prison bars & walls of hate
I want more

As I pour out all of me
You receive my offering
Still there’s more….

Love inspires all that’s  best
How to work and when to rest
I want more

You show me things yet to come
Distant shores and rising suns…
So much more

Love is patient, love is kind
Restores my soul and peace of mind
So much more

Love waters, love melts
Love pours, love inspires
I want more!
Love shows, love speaks
Love does more than required
I want more LOVE…..

Kathy Norman
Kathy Norman
I enjoy sharing the creativity the Lord has placed inside of me with others. I pray you are truly blessed by what you see, hear, and experience on these pages.